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- Souls at Play in a
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Illusions of Paradise

Illusions of Paradise
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Notes to Transformation - John James

Notes to Transformation
- A guide for the inner journey to the Self

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In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture

In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture



Notes to Transformation by John James

Notes to Transformation


John James, PhD


West Grinstead Publications, Leura, 1994




Paperback, 225mm x 155mm
112 pages


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From the Author:

A guide for the inner journey to the Self - a goal that can be achieved in this lifetime. This book should be a constant reference for those who wish to clear their personal issues in the search for spiritual transformation and inner truth. May this be a sounding board for your own experiences and concepts of the journey, and may it stimulate you to keep on exploring in your own way.    

Notes to Transformation explores the roots of man's predicament: As new-born babies are merged with everyone around them they take on their parent's emotions as their own. If mother is unconfident baby will absorb this as an energetic formation or node. These nodes are permanently imprinted long before the baby's mind can work out what is happening, and remain to modify become the foundation of personality.

The implications are very disturbing: the child cannot live his own life, but must include the life of his parents, and since they 'inherited' their nodes in the same way, he is also taking on the life of their parents, and before that of older generations long forgotten.

This book should be a constant reference for those who wish to clear their personal issues in the search for spiritual transformation and inner truth. You can read excerpts from some of the chapters in Notes to Transformation:


“John has written a remarkable book that is a must for anyone involved in transformational work. Its very simplicity comes out of his own depth of learning and experience and thus can serve as a guide and map to the ever-increasing numbers of seekers of personal and spiritual growth. We are pleased to recommend this book to you.”
Hal Stone, PhD and Sidra Stone, PhD, authors of "Embracing Ourselves" and creators of the powerful Voice Dialogue technique

“John has brought together in a most logical and readable way the information that is destined to support our personal transformation, from the secret life of the unborn child to the threshold of illumination. This book should become a basic text for transformational courses. I am clear that were the reader to use this book as a constant reference and master the material it contains, they will walk simply and lovingly 'in the dark' until they finally burst forth into boundless radiance.”
—Gita Bellin, author of "Amazing Grace" and co-founder of the Self-Transformation Seminars


Chapter 1 The Journey 
Introducing a process for inner transformation.

Chapter 2 Energetic closures 
Babies are imprinted with the emotional hangups of their parents

Chapter 3 Being Born
Experiences in the womb and during birth deeply affect later behaviour.

Chapter 4 Loss of Self 
We feel emptiness and grief as we separate from mother

Chapter 5 Decisions for Survival
Covering up and creating conflict to hide the inner loss

Chapter 6 Separation
The most important task is to create the witness

Chapter 7 The Unconscious
Our lives are run by the hidden parts of our psyche

Chapter 8 Existential Grief 
The loss of our original nature, essence and lifeforce

Chapter 9 The Personal Selves
Nodes of energy coagulate into distinct sub-personalities or selves

Chapter 10 The Shadow 
Suppressed material in the unconscious that runs our lives

Chapter 11 Our Lost Gender
How women reject their maleness and men their femaleness

Chapter 12 The Transpersonal 
And how do we know there is Spirit?

Chapter 13 Map of Consciousness
Though there seems to be a direction, we have to find our own path

Chapter 14 Relationship 
Our closest partners can least support our deepest needs

Chapter 15 Intimacy
Removing soul projection and risking our vulnerability

Chapter 16 Sharing Vulnerability
Using bonding patterns to clear the most vulnerable closures

Chapter 17 The Soul
A personal entity that connects the mundane to the spiritual

Chapter 18 The Dark Night
Welcome despair, it is an essential time of cleansing

Chapter 19 Cosmic Archetypes
The soul integrates with the cosmic shadow and the universal mother and father

Chapter 20 The Self 
The personal embodiment of the highest spirit

Chapter 21 The Great Journey