Available Books

The Great Field by John James

- Souls at Play in a
Conscious Universe

Illusions of Paradise

Illusions of Paradise
- A family's experiences of Bali in 1971

Notes to Transformation - John James

Notes to Transformation
- A guide for the inner journey to the Self

Master Masons of Chartres - John James

The Master Masons of Chartres
- Chartres is one of the most impressive and exciting buildings from the Middle Ages

The Template-Makers of the Paris Basin - John James

The Templatemakers
of the Paris Basin

- Toichological techniques for identifying the pioneers of the Gothic movement

The Contractors of Chartres - John James

The Contractors of

- The basic analysis of the cathedral, how it was built

Arj of God - John James

The Ark of God
- Comprehensive pictorial history of Early Gothic churches in the Paris Basin

In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture

In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture



About the Author - John James

Author John JamesThese are some of my books that we have stocks for. They are the outcome of a long and interesting life. I have lived in many countries, and done many things, and all these are reflected in these books. I hope you will enjoy reading them as much as I have enjoyed writing them.

You may be interested in checking out three sites that I am concerned with:

My personal site: www.johnjames.com.au
Crucible Centre: www.cruciblecentre.com
Crisis Coalition: www.planetextinction.com

Please click on the covers to see more on each title. Click here to buy books. Click here to contact us at West Grinstead Publishing For those of you who are interested the Company was formed by my father, Jimmy James, in 1976. It still owns a lot of his paintings, one of which was used as a cover for Notes to Transformation, illustrated on the right.