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The Great Field by John James

- Souls at Play in a
Conscious Universe

Illusions of Paradise

Illusions of Paradise
- A family's experiences of Bali in 1971

Notes to Transformation - John James

Notes to Transformation
- A guide for the inner journey to the Self

Master Masons of Chartres - John James

The Master Masons of Chartres
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The Contractors of Chartres - John James

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Arj of God - John James

The Ark of God
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In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture

In Search of the Unknown in Medieval Architecture



The Great Field by John James


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The Great Field
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THE GREAT FIELD: Souls at Play in a Conscious Universe

USA Book News Award for the
Best Spirituality Book of 2008 !!


John James, PhD OAM


Energy Psychology Press / Elite Books of California, New edition, 2007




Paperback , 180 x 110mm. 386 pages



Book News Award

Aud$35.00 (+ P&H)
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From the Author:

Every thing is both vibration and matter. The latest research in biology and physics shows convincingly that everything is intimately connected through fields of energy that comprise The Great Field. Separation is therefore an illusion.

We experience the Great Field through the latest addition to the brain, through the soul and the heart via intuition, and in those higher states of consciousness sought in most religious traditions. James uses psychology to enrich scientific research that creates a theory that describes how the universe formed itself, and how we are formed in the mistlike energy of our souls.


“The soul is one of the most venerable, enduring images of spiritual traditions worldwide. In The Great Field, John James brings new information to this ancient concept, and in so doing helps bridge the worlds of modern science and spirituality, which is one of the most urgent tasks of our time.”
Larry Dossey, MD Author, The Extraordinary Healing Power of Everyday Things

“The Great Field is a book and topic whose time has come. We need to explore the nature of life in a way that has never been done before. It is time to experience and accept what we cannot explain. Read on and open your mind to the true nature of life and its mystery. Outer space cannot tell us what exists within us and our inner space and the true nature of The Great Field we are part of and exist within.”
—Bernie Siegel, MD Author, Love, Medicine & Miracles

“The Great Field is a provocative synthesis of cutting-edge scientific, spiritual, and therapeutic data supporting the once and future potential of humanity and our place in the universe. It is an inspiring read that will raise questions for some and provide answers for others. It is a book for seekers and a book of hope written from vision and love.”
—Jenny Wade Author, Changes of Mind

“The Great Field brings together fascinating and accurate scientific evidence on the power of our souls - in a way that is refreshing, new and vital. A very, very exciting and uplifting book, it gets to the very heart of health and healing.”
—Christiane Northrup, MD Author, Mother-Daughter Wisdom

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1. Introduction

2. The organic view
The Hundredth Monkey
Morphic fields and synchronicity
A universe of signals: nothing is ever alone
Molecules have memory
Scientists prefer physical contact
Information exchange is instantaneous
The role of genes: a willing tool waiting for an instructor

3. The physical view
Finding answers to the paradox: quantum theory and beyond
Who said space was empty?
The four horsemen: Bohm, Bell, Benton and Aspect
The Great Field

4. The implications of the Field for biology
Thoughts affect proteins and energy fields create form
So who conducts the orchestra?
Coherence creates a qualitative difference
Replication is both coherent and mathematical
Expansion and contraction

5. Our cerebral brain and the heart brain
The three earlier brains
Differences between men and women
The deep structure of the brain is holographic
Our other brain: the heart
Limiting the heart-brain
The fourth brain of transcendence
The potential is ours only when coherence is undamaged
When the forebrain connects with the heart we call it intuition

6. What constitutes the Great Field?
Individuality within the constraints of coherence
An ever-expanding warehouse of information
Definable aspects within the Great Field
Projections onto the Field
Are we ourselves projections from the Field?
The Field gives us all we need: isn't this Love?
Be we victim or victor, our life is our own manifestation
There is no plan, so what of good and evil?
Is human consciousness of benefit to the universe?
Other universes with different laws
Can the future determine the past?

7. Therapy and the Field
The fields of the human body
Energetic nodes are the foundation of personality
Nodes and memes
We are socialised to turn reality into illusion
Duality in the human field: Tarzan and Jane
The self-aware ego is a useful yet unfortunate delusion
Disguising our contradictions creates shadows
It seems humans have always had some knowledge of the body’s energy systems

8. Soul is our personal aspect in the Field
Soul with a million definitions
Experiencing soul
We and soul are one
Karma accumulates in the soul
Grouping of soul-fields
Our desire and longing
Soul's desire and journey
Being in service to the soul's journey

9. The soul incarnates
Coming back or not: reincarnation
Soul is present in the womb
Death in the womb
Soul is affected by the birth

10. We are created in the Void
From the Void to emptiness: we lose ourselves
Believing we are separate, we direct our attention outwards

11. Return to Eden
What is our goal if not our enlightenment?
Can therapy help us to get there?
Peak experiences: meeting the Field unexpectedly
If its a mission, its impossible
We are the consciousness of the Earth


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